Tony Jabbour, Construction Manager of Buildform, is well aware of the benefits gained from building in full brick with Austral Bricks .

Tony Jabbour said that by building in full brick the home has the added benefits of a sense of security, thermal and acoustic insulation and added longevity over lightweight construction methods.

The latest project Buildform have completed is a series of townhouses in Sydney’s inner-western suburb of Hurlstone Park. Buildform demolished an old industrial facility and created a subdivision of 18 Torrens Title homes.

Internally Austral Bricks GP119 and GP76 common bricks were utilised and finished with a cement render. The façade of the townhouses use Bowral Dry Pressed Bricks in the colours Bowral Blue, Simmental Silver, Hereford Bronze, Bowral Brown and Limousin Gold.

On this particular project, Buildform have used a number of different face bricks to give the development a sense of individuality.

According to Tony Jabbour, full brick homes offer a sense of security and solidness. Many of their clients will only invest in properties that are full brick – especially when they are intended to be used as a rental property. Full brick is a good selling point and a wise investment over alternative methods.

Tony Jabbour and his family have always lived in full brick homes. That is why, when embarking on a construction project, Buildform always insist on full brick over alternative systems.

Tony Jabbour says they would only ever build in full brick, and have always recommended this method not only to their friends, but also to people who ask for their advice.