Austral Bricks  have been making bricks for a century. They have refined the processes and changed with community standards gradually. Today’s clay bricks are made using fewer resources and more than ever are the environmental choice.

Long accepted as Australia’s preferred building material, bricks are incorporated into many new houses. With the increasing focus on a home’s environmental footprint for homeowners, industry and regulatory bodies, the Building Code of Australia and state regulations requiring new houses to achieve energy-efficient design were introduced.

Energy-efficiency was the first green phase, evolving into sustainability, which incorporates the consideration of the efficient use of all materials. In recent years, building design has also evolved rapidly along with consumer expectations. Among the wide range of building materials, old and new, clay bricks stand out as the building material preferred by Australians.

Continuous improvement is central to the Austral Bricks philosophy. They have a long history of investment in research and development and new technologies to improve the quality of their products and services. Austral Bricks are committed to changing tastes and needs of consumers and the construction industry.

Lifecycle analysis, which examines the total environmental input to a material, reinforces the long-term benefits of brick construction. Typically, brick walls outlast multiple renovations and extensions that see the total replacement of less durable materials.

A lifecycle analysis of five forms of housing construction was conducted by the Centre for Sustainable Technology at The University of Newcastle. It concluded that the environmental impact in a typical house was in day-to-day living, which accounted for over 90 percent of energy consumed and greenhouse gases emitted over a 60 year period.

The energy embodied in bricks is a once-off investment that pays dividends now, and in the future. A manual detailing the eight advantages of full brick is available from the Austral Bricks’ display centres.