Austral Bricks  has introduced Terracade TL, a stylish, lightweight facade in a wide range of colours.

Mark Schofield, national manager Terraçade – Austral Bricks, says “Because it is light-weight cladding, Terraçade TL allows homeowners and designers true flexibility.

“This versatile system allows the creation of beautiful and stylish finishes, with an additional durability and natural aesthetic appeal of terracotta.

“Terraçade TL’s ideal design comprises galvanised vertical suspension rails from which the Terraçade TL tiles are hung, giving a sleek, seamless look. This simplicity in construction saves time and money in labour costs – making it a cost effective alternative for a home makeover”.

Available in eleven contemporary colours, ranging from Yarra (a rich chocolate brown) through to Murray (a crisp milky white), there is a colour to suit a range of designs, streetscape or existing buildings.

Terraçade TL offers a fresh perspective for innovative design, beautiful new generation architecture or stunning makeovers.

Coated with Terrashield the Terraçade TL system resists stains, graffiti and pollution grime – saving you time and effort in maintenance.

“You can even change the facade with an alternative colour, with a retro-fit as part of an update or renovation in the future, to suit changing trends. The original vertical suspension rails would stay in place and the cladding tiles replaced with the desired colour,” added Mark Schofield.