Brickmakers, Austral Bricks has recently released their new Everyday Life collection of coloured bricks.

According to Natalie Frendo, the Everyday Life brick collection features eight fashionable colours to choose from and they will blend beautifully with other design elements in the home.

"Latest composite architectural designs create the need for the bricks of your new home to complement or provide a delightful contrast to the colours of windows, doors, eaves and blinds, as well as concrete and paint colours, to showcase your new home to the streetscape.

"Everyday Life bricks have been developed by our brickmasters with residential architectural trends in mind and they have succeeded admirably.

"The good news is that the new range is certainly affordable thanks to our advanced production technology. We believe the Everyday Life Collection will find a niche in the construction market for architects, builders and home building families," said Natalie.

The bricks feature a unique light textured finish and are available in eight fashionable colours:

  • Engage
  • Leisure
  • Activate
  • Unwind
  • Relax
  • Freedom
  • Escape
Natalie continued to explain, "We deliberately chose the individual colour names as they are synonymous with everyday life and we think the bricks will certainly become part of everyday life for people building their new home.

"The new bricks also complement the recently released Everyday Life pavers bringing a fresh new look to Australian homes," Natalie added.

Bricks from Austral Bricks provide thermal mass for sustainable design when combined with passive solar design. Bricks are an essential choice for Australian homes of the future as the more bricks used in the home, the greater the thermal mass content.