So much time, money and effort is spent on building and designing a dream home. Many painstaking hours are spent selecting exterior colours and finishes, so it is easy to overlook the all important finishing touches such as the fence, driveway, garden paths and retaining walls.

According to Austral Bricks, the blending of the various elements that comprise a home such as the bricks, pavers, roof tiles and other building materials is an art-form, and Austral Bricks have mastered it.

No matter what your taste, or the look you want to achieve, Austral Bricks has a vast range of products which will help you achieve it. Austral Bricks is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products to suit a range of budgets.

Austral Bricks’ range of colours and products has undergone a revamp in recent years lending themselves to a variety of applications.

Modern design integrates the backyard with the living areas of the home. Due to Austral Bricks this indoor/outdoors integration can be achieved with style, flair and minimum fuss.

Suitable for both indoor/outdoor applications, Riviera Freedom stain resistant clay pavers can be laid in the family area of a home and extended out to the alfresco area. Not only does this create a seamless integration of the two spaces but it is also means less time, money and effort spent on cleaning the inevitable spills and messes of life.

According to Austral Bricks, one of the recent innovations to come from GB Masonry, part of the Austral Masonry range, is Gardenstone. Ideal for DIY retaining walls and garden edging, there is no need for concrete making installation easy.

Unlike sleepers which are prone to rotting, attract white ants to the home and leach chemicals into the soil, GB Masonry are durable and free of nasty chemicals which may be harmful to your family’s health.

Lending itself perfectly to straight or curved walls, Gardenstone is available in four colours – Brisbane Blend, Sydney Blend, Limestone and Sandstone.

Combining a textured finish with a rugged durability, the Paradise series of pavers are another product making DIY landscaping easier. Made from natural clay Paradise pavers are slip resistant, will not fade and boast inherent strength – qualities that make them ideal for driveways.

Available in five colours, these pavers will add the finishing touch to your home helping to create an impression of refined quality. Unlike spray-on stencilled pavers, the real thing will not need repainting or repeated resealing saving you time and money.