You have probably noticed how quiet it seems when you go away to the country for holiday. That is because many of us live everyday with exterior noise that ranges from road traffic, building construction, lawn mowing, and loud music, dogs barking and even the neighbours arguing.

If you are looking for a way to reproduce the quietness of a country holiday, a Full Brick home, the gold standard in housing, can provide the perfect haven from a faster, more chaotic and noisier world.

According to Austral Bricks, the double brick layers of a Full Brick wall create an effective sound barrier.

Because of their mass, bricks are effective in reducing annoying low frequency sounds such as traffic. The cavity between the layers of bricks also plays its part disrupting the transmission of sound through the wall.

Internal noise can also be a problem in the family home with teenagers and the younger tweens playing loud music and computer games. Add to that, home theatres, mobile phones and perhaps the family dog barking and it is easy to see how even family life can become quite stressful.

The solution to reduce the spread of noise within the home is to have brick partition walls between rooms. Solid partition brick walls are a single brick slim and usually given a plaster finish. The mass of a brick partition wall helps to contain sounds. Lightweight timber stud walls simply do not have the mass to reduce noise.

Austral Bricks has identified eight solid advantages of Full Brick homes.

These include a Full Brick home is cooler in summer and a warmer in winter reducing air conditioning and heater use - a plus for the environment; a Full Brick home is solid, safe and secure; it normally has a better resale value, so it is a good investment; requires little maintenance; is termite resistant and lasts a lifetime.

Austral Bricks has established a Full Brick website to provide helpful information on building a Full Brick home. A Full Brick hotline will also enable people interested in building in Full Brick to have their questions answered.

The following builders specialise in building in Full Brick: Charleston Homes, Full Brick Homes, Fairlight Developments, Krslovic Homes, Kauley Homes, Beyond Homes, Westminster Homes, Rawson Homes and Felton Homes.

The full range is also available from Austral Bricks agents’ displays throughout NSW.