Austral Bricks NSW has launched a comprehensive Full Brick campaign with the theme, Full Brick the Gold Standard in Housing, to highlight the eight advantages of living in a Full Brick home.

According to Austral Bricks NSW, research had shown that living in a Full Brick home has more benefits than first thought.

Full Brick homes are cooler in summer and warmer in winter, but Austral Bricks NSW now have access to the new research results from Newcastle University to support their claims scientifically.

By harnessing the thermal mass qualities of bricks and combining them with passive design principles can have a real impact on families’ energy bills and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Austral Bricks’s Full Brick campaign material will focus on the eight major advantages of a full brick home.

These are:

  • Full brick houses are cooler in summer
  • Full brick houses are warmer in winter
  • Full brick houses are quiet
  • Full brick houses are solid, safe and secure
  • Full brick houses are low maintenance
  • Full brick houses are termite resistant
  • Full brick houses last a lifetime
  • Full brick houses have superior resale value

Austral Bricks NSW has developed a consumer brochure detailing the benefits of a full brick home as well as a Full Brick website, which provides helpful technical information for families considering the full brick option. This includes testimonials from families who have built a full brick home and love the quietness and comfort.

The full brick customer testimonials are a highlight of the campaign and feature photographs of the families enjoying life in their full brick homes.

The promotional material and website also lists builders who build in full brick, making it easier for homebuyers to get started. The builders are Charleston Homes, Fairlight Developments, Forte Designer Homes, Full Brick Homes, Krslovic Homes, Kauley Homes, Beyond Homes and Westminster Homes.

The Full Brick promotion will be supported by an extensive radio campaign and newspaper advertising, as well as a public relations program that will include media releases reinforcing the advertising message.

Point of sale has also been designed for the display centres and participating full brick builders.

According to Austral Bricks, there is nothing new about full brick homes, but new building products from Austral Bricks, better building techniques and a greater understanding of the substantial benefits of bricks have inspired Austral Bricks NSW to launch this extensive campaign.

A Full Brick home reduces external and internal noise, a big factor in the busy world. A Full Brick home is also much more comfortable, solid and requires little maintenance. A Full Brick home is a good investment with a higher resale value.