Austral Bricks is set to unveil its latest brick mural in celebration of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The unveiling is will take place during high tea at Horsley Park on 28th April.

Austral Bricks has created two 100m2 murals, one of each of the happy couple, that will be visible from the M7. The murals will remain in place for three months and follows other temporary and permanent Brick Art murals around the country that have featured AFL players, US President Barack Obama, Mary MacKillop, Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods.

Brett Ward, General Manager Marketing, Austral Bricks said, “People around the world are understandably thrilled about the Royal Wedding and these murals bring a little of the celebrations in London to Western Sydney. It is also a testament to Australian brickmaking and bricklaying that we can produce Brick Art like this.”

Bricks from the Burlesque and Dynasty ranges were used to create the murals, while traditional bricklaying techniques were also used to create the detail of shadow and contrast. Built on a steel frame, the wall uses 8300 full bricks and 7500 half bricks.

Each of the two murals measures 10m x 10m and took 11 days to build. J&M Langan Bricklayers completed this project.

The unveiling will take place at Austral Bricks in Horsley Park on Thursday 28th April at 11am.