Austral Bricks Colourbrick is a revolutionary brick colouration system, developed to withstand Australia’s extreme and varying weather conditions.

Colourbrick is based on the proven Nawtint brick and block colouring materials created by Nawkaw Corporation.

No longer restricted to traditional brick colours, Colourbrick allows the creation of fascinating visual effects including banding and unique entrances as well as two tone walls and window features.

A special penetrating colour tinting emulsion is applied and absorbed into the pore structures of the mortar and a specially designed clay face brick from Austral Bricks. This creates a beautiful and seamless coloured brick finish with a matching mortar joint.

Eve Castle, QLD marketing manager – Austral Bricks, says “Colourbrick is a cost effective alternative to expensive render or bag and paint finishes.

“Unlike render and bag and paint finishes, Colourbrick’s revolutionary colouring system eliminates the need for costly repairs caused by cracking, fading and flaking off.

“The kiln firing process ensures Colourbrick is durable, colourfast, salt safe and mould and mildew resistant,” Castle adds.

To provide the highest quality possible, Colourbrick can only be applied by specially trained applicators – whereas alternatives can be applied by a variety of independent tradespeople.

Available in a range of 27 colours from two colour collections – the Mediterranean and the Costal Collection – Colourbrick has opened the door to a world of endless home design possibilities.

“We have received a positive response to the Colourbrick display walls at our display centres. Visitors are surprised by the design versatility and the incredible choice of colours. They really appreciate the contemporary look achieved with the product” Castle says.

This revolutionary new look is only achieved with Austral Bricks Colourbrick base bricks available through Austral Bricks display centres.

For more colour, choice and expert assistance visit an Austral Bricks display centre.