Austral Bricks  are celebrating 100 years of brickmaking with the launch of a meticulously compiled book – The Brickmasters 1788-2008.

Launching the book, Brickworks Group National Sales and Marketing Manager, Brett Ward, said the book documents the role of bricks in the building of the colony, right through to Austral Bricks’ contribution to the construction industry over a century.

Social and economic historian, Ron Ringer was commissioned by Austral Bricks to create this book due to his extensive experience and expertises in the field.

The result is a fascinating history of Australia told through its bricks, and how they have shaped our built environment more than any other material in recorded history. After all, it was brick that laid the foundations of Australia as people know it today.

“It is a beautifully presented account of those early days of brickmaking and how the Austral Brick Company gradually developed into the market leader it.

“The Brickmasters faithfully records the contribution by the company’s pioneers through to the current management leadership of the highly successful and well managed brick company it is today.” said Brett Ward.

“The book reveals that Austral Bricks has always been at the cutting edge of new technology, as it became available, as well as product research and development.

“It is this commitment to research and development that has seen products such as Terraçade – a whole new façade system, Burlesque, Elements, Urban One, Colourbrick, Fresco Sandstone, Pavilion bricks, Riviera pavers, and others evolve to meet the needs of the construction industry and consumers.

“These products have been so successfully designed and produced they have been utilised and recognised in many award-winning architectural projects.

“We have also invested in our people across the Brickworks Group to ensure we have the expertise and cross pollination of ideas and production techniques, to create new products and services.

“Austral Bricks have helped build the face of Australian architecture over the past 100 years, and we see bricks as an integral part of architecture for the next 100 years to come.

“The century of brickmaking experience is a wonderful platform for the future of Austral Bricks into the next 100 years.

“We believe a greater emphasis on environmental sustainability will benefit bricks, thanks to their thermal mass and lifecycle credentials, giving Austral Bricks a definite edge,” Brett Ward added.

“It has been a proud one hundred years of brickmaking which we are celebrating with the launch of The Brickmasters. We are also clearly focused on the future so that we carry on the wonderful work of all those who have made Austral Bricks what it is today,” said Brett Ward.