Leading Australian brick brand Austral Bricks has launched a new print and digital advertising campaign featuring several brand ambassadors to promote its contemporary new product ranges.

Positioning itself as the leader in innovation, style and design, the new campaign aligns Austral Bricks with some of Australia’s leading ambassadors within the style, fashion and design arena including fashion designer Camilla Franks, international model Alyssa Sutherland, and reputed Australian architects Gerard Reinmuth, Ingrid Richards and Adrian Spence.

The advertising campaign is supported by a micro-site at www.australbricks.com/mybrickstory, and positions Austral Bricks as a highly popular and recognised brick brand in Australia, also validating brick as a preferred material of choice by leaders in style. It also supports the company’s position of being inspirational, original, and innovative.

Austral Bricks General Manager for Marketing, Mr Brett Ward explains that the campaign aims to project their contemporary brick range as a versatile and creative design material that combines style, form and function in an extensive range of colours, shapes and textures, and which is personified by their brand ambassadors through the new advertising campaign.

Austral Bricks is a part of the Brickworks Building Products Group, a major producer of pavers, bricks, roof tiles, facade systems and landscaping products in Australia, with its stable of brands including Austral Bricks, Austral Masonry, Austral Precast, Bristile Roofing, and Auswest Timbers.