Leading Australian manufacturer, Austral Bricks has partnered with AusBuild to present a new ground-breaking 8-Star display home in Fitzgibbon Chase, Queensland to demonstrate the concepts of superior energy efficiency, affordability and comfort to new homeowners and builders.  

The new 8-Star display home has achieved an 8-Star rating under the Building Energy Rating Scheme (BERS) ratings tool out of a maximum possible rating of 10, thanks to its high energy efficiency, which would enable the homeowner to enjoy the financial savings and added comforts offered by the sustainable home.  

With carefully placed windows and correctly orientated rooms, the well-designed home located on a narrow frontage block takes advantage of natural heating, airflow and lighting for comfortable and energy efficient living all year round.  

Austral Bricks has supplied the latest in brick products, roofing materials and clay paving, contributing greatly to the energy efficiency rating of the home.  

According to Eve Castle, Marketing and Retail Sales Manager at Austral Bricks in Queensland, eight stars will help achieve significantly lower power bills for many families, meaning the homeowner will receive excellent cost savings, with up to a 25% reduction in energy costs over the course of one year.  

The 8-Star home will be much cooler in summer and warmer in winter, while also creating a smaller environmental footprint. She adds that the display home is designed as an important resource of informative information, helping homeowners see how sustainability and affordability can go hand in hand.  

The 8-Star display home uses the Metallix Range – Platinum bricks from Austral Bricks, a range of face bricks featuring a glistening sheen. Key benefits include longevity, strength, thermal/ acoustic insulation and a sense of security and strength.  

The natural thermal properties of clay bricks reduce the amount of artificial energy needed for heating and cooling. Internal brick feature walls are also used to increase the thermal mass of the house, stabilising internal temperatures to create a comfortable space.  

Hard-wearing, colourfast clay pavers from Austral’s Paradise Range and Riviera Range have been installed on the driveway and al fresco areas to minimise cleaning requirement.  

Bristile Roofing concrete roof tiles, known for their sustainability credentials as well as aesthetics have been used on the roof of the house. The tiles are an affordable, low embodied energy, high thermal mass product, and recent testing by the University of Newcastle also proves their excellent thermal properties.

The 8-Star house is located at 19 Carnarvon Crescent, Fitzgibbon Chase, Queensland and is open to the public to view on Monday from 2pm to 5pm, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12pm to 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 5pm.