The Everyday Life range of bricks from leading Australian brick manufacturer Austral Bricks comes in six new fashionable colours with unique textured finishes.

Recently introduced in Queensland, the Everyday Life brick range is designed to complement modern home architecture, adding a touch of style and class to any new building project, and blending beautifully with other design elements in the home.

Commenting on the extended range, Ms Eve Castle, Marketing and Retail Sales Manager for Austral Bricks observes that the new extended colours for the Everyday Life brick range will give homeowners and builders more choice and a fresh new look for Australian homes. She adds that the range will also allow more options to provide a contrast to the colours of windows, doors, blinds and other building fittings.

The Everyday Life brick range is available in a series of modern natural shades including Freedom, Unwind, Leisure, Stimulate, Escape and Engage, all featuring a light textured finish.

Clay bricks can withstand everything from the harsh Australian sun and monsoonal downpours to the icy winters with little ongoing maintenance, unlike other building materials. The high comfort factor inside the home comes from less noise, more protection and up to 25% reduction in cooling and heating bills. 

It has been proven that the face brick’s thermal mass combined with climate sensitive design can lower carbon emissions through reduced space heating and cooling requirements.

Austral Bricks is part of the Brickworks Building Products Group, one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of bricks, pavers, masonry blocks, retaining wall systems, precast concrete panels, façade systems and landscaping products.