Austral Bricks  has recently released two new colours in it's innovative range of Metallix clay bricks, expanding their palette of colours to six.

The Metallix range of clay bricks heralds new ground in brick manufacture. Their distinctive metallic finish offers a silk-like finish and subtle sheen to both residential and commercial projects, while still retaining the durable and technical properties associated with clay bricks.

Created in response to demands from architects for clay bricks that would look superb in their own right and be able to work visually alongside other construction materials, the Metallix range of clay bricks mean architects no longer have to compromise on quality to acheive style.

Lava and Emery are the two new colours, which join Bronze, Nickel, Platinum and Copper. This colour pallete offers architects even more tools with which to create the sharp new look demanded by clients today.

Lava is a rich burgundy with a subtle sheen while Emery is a bold, shimmering midnight black.

"The luminous quality of Metallix clay bricks has seen them feature prominently in many cutting edge design projects over recent years. The quality of the Metallix range is superb and we know the two new colours will be well received" says Renata Steenland, marketing coordinator Austral Bricks QLD.