Austral Bricks  have announced the addition of the colour Torino to their existing colour palette in the Riviera Freedom paver range. Torino is a deep, rich charcoal colour specifically developed to blend with contemporary colour palettes used in modern landscaping and home design.

Austral Bricks developed the Riviera Freedom paver range which has a large format, and the Paveshield, a surface treatment that resists staining. Due to the Paveshield treatment, Riviera Freedom pavers are easy to clean.

Paveshield last long and need not be resealed, saving money and eliminating maintenance.

According to Austral Bricks, thorough stain resistance testing has shown that oils, paints, tan bark, tyre marks, crayons and food stains can be cleaned off the new pavers even after several days with soap, water or household cleaners. The Paveshield protection also prohibits the growth of mould and mildew.

With their stain resistant coating, Riviera Freedom pavers are suitable for any area where dirt and grim may be an issue. Bullnose pavers are also available in all colours, suitable for pool copings and step edgings.

Austral Bricks have display centres at Horsley Park, Bowral, Albion Park, Punchbowl, Fyshwick ACT, Newcastle, Tuggerah and Port Macquarie.