Artique designer masonry, available from Austral Bricks , is developed in conjunction with leading colour consultants, and is available in varying textures. Artique designer masonry is suitable for the creation of cutting-edge aesthetics for commercial and residential projects alike.

According to Brad Moore, General Manager, Austral Masonry, in a commercial context, Artique designer masonry offers architects and designers a wide selection of colours and textures which allow the creation of a broad range of stylish finishes with the one product. Manufactured in a specialised plant on the Sunshine Coast, production of Artique permits some flexibility in the creation of custom made colours, further enhancing the designs which can be created with this range.

Artique designer masonry adds a contemporary edge to a traditional style of masonry, making it suitable for use in composite facades and modern architectural styles. The Artique designer masonry range offers the following three vibrant textures:

  • Classic - a smooth and clean finish
  • Dynamic - a textured finish created by splitting the block from the body
  • Elegance - an exposed aggregate creating a natural stone finish

The Artique designer masonry is available in eight designer colours namely, pearl, porcelain, nickel, steel, pewter, shale, pebble and russet. This colour palette is enhanced by the effects of the various textures which create three tones or shades within a colour selection. The Classic and Dynamic series are available in sizes of 390mm x 190mm x 90mm and 390mm x 190mm x 190mm while the Elegance series is available in 390mm x 190mm x 90mm. Artique, when combined with its colour range and texture selections, offers architects and designers a creative scope rarely seen within one product range.