Owing to a huge investment in new technology and superior brickmaking techniques, Austral Bricks literally provide a kaleidoscope of coloured bricks with numerous finishes to choose from.

Renata Steenland, Marketing Manager Austral Bricks Queensland, commented that almost any colour possibly imagined is available to provide the finishing flourish to residential and commercial constructions.

Renata said “You can choose from the highly glazed colours of Burlesque with green, red, black, yellow and blue for wonderful contrasts. Then there is the glazed surface of Dynasty with five soft glowing, neutral colours. Or you might prefer Colourbrick the revolutionary colouring system that can provide basically any colour finish you want without the price tag and maintenance of render.

Renata continued to explain that the classic beauty of the stone-built empires of India’s highlands can be discovered with the Pavilion Series. The double height bricks are increasingly popular with home owners, architects and builders. If a silk like shimmering finish is required then the Metallix Range of coloured bricks can provide the desired look. The Bowral range of coloured bricks is popular with designers who like quality dry pressed bricks with the extra choice of Bowral 50 to offer intriguing effects.

“Of course we also have the GB Masonry range of sandstone blocks for a totally different approach to your design. Our experienced staff can take you on a walk through our kaleidoscope of colours and finishes and you will be truly impressed with what can be created,” Renata continued.

“Our brick colours blend beautifully with materials such as glass, steel or timber to create the composite stylish look so popular today. So, whether you are looking for a traditional appearance, an urban look or the coastal effect you will find it at an Austral Bricks Design Centre,” Renata concluded.

The Austral Bricks clay paver selection offers a selection of sizes and colours for garden decoration. The full range of pavers available is on display at Austral Bricks.