Austpacific Industries  supplies quality timber around the globe. Austpacific Industries undertakes the supply of timber to all its customers, no matter how big or small they are. Austpacific Industries receives online orders from its customers and makes the delivery of timber to their doorstep. In this way, customers experience a sense of satisfaction and feel free to give their orders to the company. This process of online booking and delivery is very easy and convenient for the customers.

Austpacific Industries provides both hard and softwood timber species. Austpacific Industries uses its own land-based machines and has its r own helicopter for harvesting the logs. In this way, it is able to conserve the land and harvest only the mature stock. Austpacific Industries provides Fijian tropical timber which is considered as high-grade timber.

Austpacific Industries provides a wide range of moulding profiles for customers to choose from. The moulding profiles offered is more than two hundred. Austpacific Industries specialises in making finished timber products from rough sawn timber through customized milling.

Austpacific Industries keeps lead time for most of the timber orders with availability of frequent shipping time tables and an extensive range of timbers. Based on the customers order request Austpacific Industries can provide small or big orders of all dimensions. Austpacific Industries can also do the required mouldings and processing.