Discount Decking offers flooring and affiliated products for wooden floors a discount. The customer can directly buy products from Discount Decking and there is enough stock available for one room or a multi story complex. Austpacific Industries treats all its customers equally and provides them with a beautiful wooden flooring experience.

The quality of wood provided by Discount Decking include high grade, heavy duty and are fully seasoned. In order to obtain delivery of products for wooden floorings from Discount Decking, customers simply have to send their room sizes and requirements to the company and customers receive the delivery of the ordered products at the given address.

Austpacific Industries’ Discount Decking has different specifications for wooden flooring available. The wooden flooring is available in boards that range from 4” in width to 10” in width and dispatched directly from the mill.

Contrast Borders and feature grade hardwoods are also available from Austpacific Industries. The hardwood range includes red hardwood, blonde hardwood and genuine mahogany. These come with matching skirting and can be trimmed, cut and milled according to the customer’s requirements. Apart from these, Austpacific Industries also has more wide boards and provides custom work to its customers