Austin Hoist and Crane  is involved in offering hoists and cranes including industrial cranes series for materials handling and lifting industries. The products and solutions offered by Austin Hoist and Crane are innovative, robust, flexible, reliable and efficient.

Austin Hoist and Crane with help of CraneSolve that is a crane design software program defines the ideal solutions for the lifting problems. The industrial crane series from Austin Hoist and Crane is designed to provide maximum versatility. The industrial crane series can carry load up to 100 tonnes. It comes with structural classifications up to S6 and mechanical ratings. This crane series is made with reliable standard controls and components.

Industrial crane series from Austin Hoist and Crane has an external mounted motor. This motor is easily accessible and provides quick turn around. It requires reduced maintenance and comes with adjustable over raise and lower limit switches. The over lower limit switch allow swift changes. The brake system can be directly operated on the gearbox. The wheels are made from graphite cast materials and are strong. The wheels are resistant to impact loads. The graphite materials in the wheel of the crane act as a lubricant and it reduces the wear of the wheels.