Sydney based Austest & Co work nationwide specialising in the testing and tagging of electrical appliances equipment, as well as the installation of safety switches and RCD protected power points.

All electrical items used within a workplace that have a flexible mains cord, including appliances which may be owned by employees but are used within the workplace, need to be tested and tagged on a regular basis. Austest & Co are able to provide this service quickly, efficiently, and in a hassle free way.

First, all electrical items undergo a close visual inspection to identify if there are any signs of wear, damage or previous repairs that may make them unsafe. Following this, comprehensive electrical testing is conducted on the appliance, with details of the item and the test results being recorded and transferred to Austest & Co's secure database. This data logging ensures an up to date record of a client's electrical appliances is available for recall at any time.

Items that pass the testing process are then tagged to visually identify they are safe to use. The tag includes details of who performed the test, when it was performed and when the item is due for re-testing. Items which fail the testing process are identified as hazardous with a danger tag and a report is of this failed is immediately provided so that repairs can be carried out.

The experienced team at Austest & Co use the latest testing equipment available to guarantee all testing and tagging work is completed competently and promptly by a team of registered electrical contractors and specialised technicians.