Austeknis, an Adelaide based company, imports various niche products from Japan, China, USA and UK. Austeknis deals with several products including Kaga Street Lighting. Austeknis has collaberated with Kaga which has provided LED Street light that has proved to be effective in comparision to the traditional street light fixtures.

The Kaga street lighting has features including the fact that it could be used anywhere because it can produce three levels of colur temperature. It is also stylish and bright.

Austeknis has also provided with LED Tiles and Tubes. Austeknis has used LED both for ground and underwater lighting. LED bulbs uses less energy and really efficient than the old bulbs. LED bulbs are also also cost effective.

Austeknis has also launched various solar products which is ideal in all weather conditions. Neon LED flex actually serves as a substitute for neon lighting. It is really flexible having the brightness of traditional neon but can withstand wet temperatures too.

The Pentax mobile printing and scanning provided by Austeknis is pocket size and handy. It also shows crisp graphics and has got a high quality.

The Drive Recording System launched by Austeknis gives a clear image along with an accurate data. The Drive Recording System is easy to install and operate.