The motor range offered by Austech Industrial consists of AC motors and DC motors. Austech Industrial includes high quality Crompton Greaves AC metric low voltage motors that are available in both three phase as well as single phase in terms of industrial application. The AC motors offered by Austech Industrial also includes B56 configuration, with reference to pump, compressor and general domestic situation. The Complete range of DC Motors available with Austech Industrial consists of 180 volt, 24 volt and 12 volt specifications. The DC motor is also available in permanent magnet foot and flange configuration with a variety of control.

The bushes series of Austech Industrial involves easy and quick installation of sprockets, couplings, pulleys and other associated equipment in terms of maintenance friendly fitment, at the time of choosing a taperlock bush. The sprockets variety of Austech Industrial consists of TaperLock Sprockets, PilotBore Sprockets, Plate Sprockets and Idler Sprockets. The coupling range of product offered by Austech Industrial includes flexible element couplings and tyre couplings. The flexible element coulpling provides flexibility in both angular as well as parallel misalignment.

The tyre coupling is a flexible coupling that incorporates an outer tyre member for maximum misalignment capacity. The belt variety offered by Austech Industrial consists of classical timing belts, Vee belts and HTD timing belts. The Vee belts are available in A, B, C and D section. The classic timing belt is available in XL, HX and H with different width as well as length.