With Australia seeing its second wettest summer on record, it has never been more important to ventilate your home. In an attempt to provide a solution to improved sub-floor air ventilation, Austech External Building Products are offering the ecoFAN by Edmonds.

Inadequate sub-floor air circulation can contribute to several problems throughout the home and include the following:

  • Increased moisture content in the framing members and flooring
  • Stale and musty odours
  • Increased risk of fungi growth and termite action;and
  • Household allergies and respiratory problems

The ecoFAN decreases the humidity of sub-floor air conditions by replacing air with warm, dry air drawn from outside the building, and extracts round 4,000 litres of damp air per minute.

  • The ecoFAN features and benefits include:
  • Removes damp air from underneath your house
  • Low noise emission
  • Low running costs
  • Easy to install;and
  • Can improve living standards in the home   

The ecoFAN is available from the Austech Online Store at a discounted price. Austech also offer many other great home improvement products. More information about Austech products can be found online.