A couple from the Central Coast recently decided to clad over their brick home with Duratuff vinyl wall cladding from Austech External Building Products . Duratuff vinyl wall cladding is an unusual but smart choice that has breathed life into this once old and dark home.

Vinyl cladding is lightweight and can be easily attached to most existing substrates. Vinyl wall cladding is particularly popular on second story additions and extensions, since its lightweight nature reduces the need for structural support. Vinyl cladding does not require painting, sanding or sealing, so once it’s up, it’s finished.

The house on the central coast had old and dull bricks that made it look tired and uninviting. The owners were advised to render it, but they knew render was very expensive and required high maintenance. They were also advised to just paint the brick, but they didn’t want to be locked into years of peeling paint and repainting.

After much consideration, they chose Cladding & Re-Roofing Pty Ltd to install Duratuff Select vinyl wall cladding to cover their entire house. Cladding & Re-Roofing Pty Ltd was also able to provide them with the Dulux colour matched colour for their cladding, so they could paint the remaining footings to match the cladding.

Austech has worked hard to generate an extensive colour range, with 9 modern lighter colours, and 5 darker Colour Scapes colours. The vinyl cladding has built in UV-resistance and all colours come with a 50 year guarantee, meaning there is no need to paint for the life of the product.

Austech also has a range of accessories available, including corners, soffit, window trim. This home owner chose to go with the range of Designer Window Trims, a thicker trim that accentuates the windows and gives a stylish finish.

Bricks alone provide little insulation, and older homes normally have no wall insulation. Duratuff Select vinyl wall cladding has a preinstalled expanded polystyrene backing, wrapping the house in insulation. This added insulation reduces the pressure on heating and cooling, reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.