Rendering existing brick or block facade will instantaneously improve the look of a home and add significant value to the property - all for a reasonably minor investment.

Austech 's Foamular Extruded Polystyrene is an energy resourceful substrate, particularly suited for new generation PM Render Finishes.

Foamular is often used in the walling and offers excellent thermal insulation properties. The  tough and energy efficient material is usually secured to the studs of timber or steel wall framing, but can also be mounted over reinforced concrete and masonry. 

A lightweight, cost effective and energy efficient building material, the Foamular Extruded Polystyrene offers a clean, modern appearance of a rendered home, resulting in a uniform appearance with an attractive texture which can be enhanced with a selection of colour.

Key features and benefits of rendering over Foamular includes:
  • CFC free
  • Modern, Stylish and Energy Efficient
  • 3-in-one providing external cladding, insulation, texture coat ready
  • Eliminate the need to remove existing cladding and re-clad
  • Eliminate additional costs to straighten existing frame or substrate
  • Fast installation reduces labour and scaffolding/equipment hire costs
  • Save on waste collection/skip bin costs through installer scrap removal service
  • Fire retardant
  • Energy and thermal efficient
  • Continual return on investment
  • Cooler in Summer, warmer in Winter
  • Energy efficient and Environmentally responsible
  • Lightweight yet rigid and strong
  • Safe and installer friendly
Foamular Metric XPS is an energy efficient substrate, especially harmonised for new generation PM Render Finishes.

Foamular is a genuinely Green product and is produced using an environmentally friendly HCFC Blowing Agent and its high insulation levels means it diminishes household heating bills.

With over 90% of Australians electricity coming from burning coal, Foamular has the potential to reduce Australia's carbon footprint.