Austech ’s Isolite downlight guards has now been approved for insulation installed under the insulation rebate.

The insulation rebate is designed to insulate 2.9 million Australian homes and reduce the impact of heating homes on the environment. The original plan received criticism for considering the widespread use of downlights and their incompatibility with many forms of insulation, but Isolite downlight guards enable installers bypass this problem.

A minimum insulation clearance of 200mm around and above all downlights is currently required for insulation installation. Insulation is only as effective as the weakest point, so large clearance holes render the insulation almost useless, but when Isolite downlight guards are installed, insulation can be placed next to the guard, vastly improving thermal efficiency.

In addition to thermal benefits, Isolite downlight guards also help prevent downlight related ceiling fires by removing any combustible material from the area. Ceiling fires caused by downlights are very dangerous as they often get out of control before they can be detected.

As part of the government insulation program, random checks of premises to see if the insulation was installed in the correct manner will be conducted. Excessive downlight holes will result in the residence failing inspection and the contractor will not receive payment. Installation of Isolite downlight guards can help insulation contractors avoid this risk.