As a result of the government cancelling its home insulation scheme, many home owners are now realising their homes could be potential death-traps.

The majority of the fire danger comes from downlights coming into contact with insulation or ceiling debris channelled there from insulation. It has been know for installers to simply cut around the downlights or worse, lay the insulation straight over them.

Austech External Building Products  suggests that homeowners that took advantage of the rebate scheme should look into their roofs and check to see if the correct downlight guards have been installed.

Many homeowners are unaware they need downlight covers and some have even paid for downlight covers that were not installed.

Austech offer Isolite downlight covers from that are designed to be easily installed by the homeowner.

Isolite downlight covers separate the downlight from all insulation and ceiling debris which are the main causes of ceiling fires. Isolite downlight covers also improve insulation effectiveness since the insulation can be placed against them, reducing thermal bridging.

Isolite downlight covers are available from Austech’s online shop for delivery Australia wide.