Foamular Metric EIFS: Lightweight construction, EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation and Finishing System.

This system has been used for over 40 years throughout Europe and North America.

Foamular Metric XPS is an ideal energy efficient substrate for EIFS especially suited for new generation PM render finishes.

The closed cell construction of Foamular Metric ensures long term thermal performance with virtually no moisture absorption. Add to this Foamular Metric high R value (50mm = R1.78) and you are guaranteed insulating performance that will not diminish over time.

For timber or steel framed construction Foamular Metric XPS is screw fixed directly to the studs as an external wall cladding which is then coated with a polymer modified render system.

This new generation PM render system provides a tough mesh-reinforced, seam-free finish with high impact resistance.

Foamular Metric XPS is a strong yet lightweight building material. This ensures quick build time while minimising OH&S risks associated with other cladding substrates.

EIFS systems are suitable for new home construction, first floor additions and other renovations. The system is easily adaptable for commercial and high rise applications.

Foamular Metric XPS exterior insulation is available Austech External Building Products.