The Port Botany Authority headquarters is nearing completion and will soon open its doors. Port Botany is going through a $1billion upgrade, one of the biggest Australian port upgrade in 30 years. To deal with the increased workload, the Port Botany Authority required a state-of-the-art headquarter to manage the expanding port.

In order to become a green star rated building, the Port Botany Authority has to comply with some very strict guidelines. The engineers specified 90mm thick Foamular with an R-Value of 3.2, dramatically reducing heat transfer from the roof into the building. 

Construction company Lucas Stuart joined forces with GRG Waterproofing to install 600m of Foamular Extruded Polystyrene fromAustech External Building Products in the protected roof membrane system. Foamular was used to insulate and waterproof the roof. Combining the process of waterproofing and insulation not only saved money but also time, which was vital owing to a very tight construction schedule.  

GRG Waterproofing has used Foamular many times before in protected roof membrane assemblies. The Foamular was laid down on top of the roofing membrane, and then a slip sheet was placed over the Foamular. Ballast was then placed on top to weigh down the Foamular and to provide a low-maintenance roof.