Foamular extruded polystyrene insulation, a premium product from Austech External Building Products has been recognised by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. The certification highlights Austech’s continued commitment to environmental leadership while demonstrating the minimal emissions quality of the product.

Manufactured by Owens Corning and distributed in Australia by Austech, Foamular extruded polystyrene qualifies with the stringent new GREENGUARD Product Emission Standard for Children and Schools. The GREENGUARD Environmental Institution established the school certification in response to increasing concerns over illnesses such as asthma and respiratory diseases that are typically caused by insufficient indoor air quality.

The GREENGUARD Product Emission Standard for Children and Schools certification subjects products to meticulous emissions testing in an effort to protect school children from exposure to high levels of potentially unsafe chemicals that may be released from furnishings, paint, flooring products and building products.

Carl Smith, CEO and executive director of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute commends Owens Corning, Foamular and its distributors, saying that the Institute applauds Owens Corning in their continued commitment to furthering the mission to improve indoor air quality for children in schools.

Smith adds that products such as Owens Corning’s are certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute so that consumers can rest assured that their homes, workplaces and schools are healthy and safe environments.

According to Gale Tedhams, Product and Program Manager for Residential Insulation at Owens Corning, the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute certification gives their customers valid, third-party affirmation that their products meet the strictest guidelines for indoor air quality.  

Key applications of Foamular extruded polystyrene insulation:  

  • Concrete Roof Insulation (PRMA) 
  • Green Roof Garden Insulation 
  • Commercial Underslab Insulation 
  • Underslab Insulation in Heated Slab Applications 
  • Lightweight Construction (EIFS) 
  • Cold Storage Floor Insulations 
  • Insulated Concrete Sandwich Panel Wall Systems 
  • Masonry/Brick Cavity Wall Insulation 
  • Wine Storage and Wine Cellars 
  • Model Making Foam