Austech External Building Products provides simple tips for homeowners to install gable vents themselves.

Sufficient ventilation in the roof space is vital to maintaining a home in good structural condition, while also providing a healthy environment to the residents. Gable vents from Austech External Building Products will help ventilate the roof space, removing heat in summer and moisture in winter. 

DIY installation tips for gable vents

Items needed for installation: Gable vent, measuring tape, pencil, circular saw, drill, screwdriver, level, caulking gun, screws, utility knife and a ladder.

To install a gable vent, start on the bottom edge, and gently remove the lock-on cover. Trace the outside of the vent base and then another line 2 inches inside the first line. Cut a hole in the wall along the inside line. Position the vent on the wall and nail it into position using the pre-drilled holes. Snap the lock-on cover into place over the vent base to complete the installation.

Safety tips

Austech advises homeowners to work with a quality air mask, suitable eye protection and gloves as the attic space may contain loose fibreglass insulation. A long sleeved shirt and long pants are also recommended.

Gable vents from Austech come in a range of attractive shapes and designs, all fully screened for complete insect protection. 

Austech gable vents can also be purchased online.