The range of Duratuff Select Vinyl cladding, from Austech External Building Products , is designed to play a key role in making homes environmentally friendly with expanded polystyrene insulation.

Vinyl is inherently green in comparison to other building products like brick and concrete, but with Duratuff Select Vinyl cladding, home owners get the choice of an added layer of expanded polystyrene, which helps to insulate the whole home and reduce energy costs. Expanded polystyrene is CFC free and is used as environmentally safe insulation.

Unlike other construction materials, 20mm of insulation with Duratuff outperforms most other walls. Duratuff Select Vinyl cladding with 20mm foam has 2.5 times better R-value than 110mm of brickwork and 26 times better R-value than a 6mm fibre cement sheet.

An R-Value of R1.5 can easily be achieved in a typical wall construction with 90mm studwork, air pocket, plywood layer and Duratuff Select Vinyl cladding with 20mm foam. A 1.5 R Batt can be added to get an overall R-Value of R3.

Duratuff Select exterior wall cladding is recommended for use in hard to reach areas and second storey extensions because it is light in weight and has good insulation properties. In the winter months, hot air rises, and a poorly insulated second floor will allow the heat to escape. Duratuff Select Polystyrene cladding wraps the walls in insulation and helps to minimise thermal bridging.

Duratuff Select Vinyl weatherboards are available with 20mm of expanded polystyrene insulation. For those wanting to make a big difference or in extreme climates, Duratuff can be made with 30mm expanded polystyrene.

Austech External Building Products also offer a reflective foil backing to reflect the heat from the hot Australian Sun.

Expanded polystyrene boards look good, help the environment, and also improve the overall product. The foam backing improves the rigidity of the board and adds to its impact resistance. The stiff foam board also makes it easier to install and creates a solid finished product.