Duratuff Select vinyl cladding from Austech External Building Products is used by Custom Cubbies on their entire product range of sheds, cabins and cubbies.

A family owned and run Australian business, Custom Cubbies specialises in children's cubbies as well as outdoor buildings such as sheds and cabins. By offering Duratuff Select vinyl cladding on all their products, Custom Cubbies is helping owners benefit from maintenance-free cubbies that last longer and look better.

Safety and durability are key concerns while designing cubbies for children. By using Duratuff Select vinyl cladding that will not rot, split, peel or splinter, Custom Cubbies is able to address these concerns. Additionally, vinyl cladding is designed to be impact resistant, colour fast and easy to clean.

Transportation was earlier a major problem for Custom Cubbies as the pre-fabricated cubbies had to be shipped all over Australia, often causing damage to the exterior cladding. However, this is no longer a problem with Duratuff Select vinyl cladding since it does not scratch, dent or crack.

According to Shayne Price from Custom Cubbies, they are pushing vinyl more than any other cladding product as it’s ideal for children and makes their work so much easier. The vinyl cladding helps them produce cubbies that last for a long time.

In addition to residential cubbies, Custom Cubbies also meets the needs of pre-schools, kindergartens and the government with many pre-schools specifying vinyl cladding for their children's cubbies thanks to the assurance of safety and durability.

Duratuff Select also helps Custom Cubbies keep their cubbies cost effective and affordable for any buyer since the vinyl cladding requires minimal labour and no staining or finishing.