Available from Austech External Building Products , Craft Stone combines the look and feel of real stone with the cost and simplicity of man made stone. Austech has partnered with stone and tile suppliers throughout NSW to make it simpler for customers to access this innovative man made stone product.

With many styles and colours in the Craft Stone range of man made stone there are practically endless design options, but this also means that the choice should be carefully considered to obtain the best results. Austech recommends visiting one the locations detailed below to get a real feel of how the design could work.

Craft Stone is man made stone, individually cast from thousands of moulds to offer a natural stone look, without the need for extensive structural work. Craft Stone man made stone is ideal for feature walls, pillars, fireplaces, retaining walls and anywhere else real stone would be used.

Locations where Craft Stone man made stone is now available include:


  • Tile Design – Casula
  • Aquapave Stone & Tile – Pennant Hills
  • Mona Vale Tiles – Mona Vale
Central Coast
  • MD Bricks –Erina Heights.
  • Unreal Stone – Hamilton
  • Jacoba Tiles – Maitland
North NSW
  • Color Tile – Port Macquarie
  • Gilmore Tiles & Stone – Queanbeyan
South NSW
  • Southern Highland Building Supplies – Mittagong
  • Corrimal Ceramic Tiles – Wollongong
  • Walker Tiles – Goulburn
Not all locations have the same level of display as the full range is quite extensive. For specific colour requests Austech can recommend the best location.

Austech are also still looking to expand their list of locations, so interested tile or stone shops should contact Austech’s sales team.