Austech External Building Products  supplied Foamular extruded polystyrene (XPS) for use in the upcoming Brisbane Supreme and District Court Building.

Now in the final stages of construction, the new $570m Brisbane Supreme and District Court building will officially open in early August. Architectus and Guymer Bailey Architects came together to create a 'comfortable and healthy' building with the spectacular design built using natural green materials.

Austech External Building Products supplied Foamular XPS to its customer Chemind to be used for insulation in conjunction with their waterproofing system, demonstrating the product’s ability to be used in large, commercial projects.

PRMA (Protected Roof Membrane Assembly) is a trouble-free and effective technique of insulating flat concrete roofs while also shielding the waterproof membrane. Foamular extruded polystyrene is placed directly over the waterproof membrane, delivering protection for the membrane, but also creating a continuous thermal barrier on the roof.

Foamular XPS is held in place with a specified ballast such as gravel or concrete pavers. The high compressive strength of Foamular allows it to be walked on once the specified ballast has been installed.

The Brisbane Supreme and District Court building will have 45 courtrooms, accommodation for 68 judges, mediation rooms, secure public garden, an entire floor for the Supreme Court library, a basement cell block, closed-circuit television facilities, jurors assembly area and lounge, registry and administrative accommodation, one plant level and four levels of chambers.