The increasing request for the beauty and class of stone has led to the expansion of high quality natural stone alternatives from Austech External Building Products .

No more stacking and cementing heavy stones
Austech resource a wide array of natural stone alternatives such as the CraftStone veneers range which are available in different profiles and colours.

Amongst the CraftStone series is European Castle Stone which represents a natural sandstone finish. The effect is a thin stone veneer that looks just like the real thing - at a fraction of the weight.

Manufactured stone veneers are simply fitted on any structurally sound wall using a mortar.

Enhance residential and commercial projects with the beauty of natural sandstone finish
This profile is much sought after by architects and builders alike, with many home owners and commercial projects going for the product. It can be used in a number of interior or exterior applications such as:
  • Feature Walls
  • Pillars and Columns
  • Pool and Spa Surroundings
  • Chimneys & Fireplaces
  • Retaining Walls
Success story
Austech provided a local Sydney residence with European Castle Stone which resulted in a striking finish.

The eye catching European Castle was used as wall cladding, for the pillars and columns as well as a feature wall.

The product comes with a 25 year warranty therefore you can rest assured knowing that the manufactured stone is of the highest quality.

To produce the classic appearance of sandstone, structural support is not required therefore installation costs are diminished and CraftStone can be fitted in places where natural stone may not.