The Duratuff Select vinyl wall cladding range from Austech External Building Products offers the ultimate protection from the harsh Australian environment.

Several parts of Australia have recently faced a surge of extreme weather with gale force winds and flooding causing millions of dollars in property damage. Properties built without protection against tough environmental conditions have faced a great deal of damage.

The changing climate patterns are expected to worsen weather conditions all over Australia. Homeowners therefore, need to protect their assets and choose external wall cladding carefully to prevent damage from exposure to the elements. 

Austech’s Duratuff Select vinyl cladding has been tested to withstand some of the harshest Australian climatic conditions. Duratuff Select’s exclusive Windlok 180 feature for instance, gives exterior wall cladding the ability to withstand winds up to 288 km/h, making it the recommended siding for wind prone areas.

In addition to offering protection against unusual weather extremes, vinyl cladding is also designed to handle everyday stress. Duratuff Select is guaranteed by the manufacturer, Royal Building Products against fading and discolouring from the harsh Australian sun.

The impact resistance of Duratuff Select also allows the material to withstand knocks from hail to cricket balls without damage.

Fundamentally superior in performance to wooden cladding under severe weather conditions, vinyl cladding eliminates the typical concerns of using wood such as porosity that allows the material to soak up moisture into the house, or tendency to warp, peel and split over time, increasing the maintenance requirement. Vinyl siding, on the other hand creates an effective long-lasting barrier to moisture.