CraftStone from Austech External Building Products is a highly versatile range of manufactured stone products used in external as well as interior projects.

Frequently used in external settings as stone veneers, CraftStone is increasingly being employed to create eye-catching interior features in several homes as well as businesses including Subway and Nandos among others.

CraftStone is ideal for use in fireplaces and chimneys not only for aesthetics but also for its resistance to heat. Suitable for new construction, CraftStone is also ideal for renovation of old fireplaces as it can easily be attached to old brickwork. The unique corner system allows almost any area to be clad with CraftStone, eliminating untidy joints.

CraftStone is superior to traditional stone in many ways including cost, handling and installation time. 

In addition to the long hours of labour and craftsmanship involved, installation of traditional stone comes at a high cost, which may sometimes exceed the cost of the stone itself.

Austech distributes CraftStone manufactured stone throughout Australia.

Key benefits of CraftStone manufactured stone:

  • Lightweight stone simplifies installation
  • Ideal for interior design as there is no need for structural support associated with real stone products
  • Reduces costs and construction time
  • Versatility allows use in most environments
  • Internal applications include pillars, wall features, fireplaces, chimneys and kitchens
  • Available in a wide range of profiles and colours to suit any style or preference
  • Can be installed by an experienced DIY enthusiast
  • 25-year warranty