Austcold Industries  manufactures as well as supplies a diverse range of products such as Clear flexible PVC strip doors and clear flexible PVC swing doors. Austcold Industries also offers products such as freezer rooms, cool rooms, fridge and freezer seal, insulated panel doors and commercial refrigerated equipment.

Austcold Industries has been maintaining higher standard of customer services to its customers located in Australia. The fridge seal product from Austcold Industries are normally manufactured, packed as well as dispatched within three working days. The fridge seal variety manufactured by Austcold Industries comprises of brands such as Austcold Industries Phillips, Admiral, Norge, Skope, Kelvinator and so on. Austcold Industries offers drink display fridge, coolroom shelving, ice makers, food display fridge, open display fridge and so on.

The display fridge from Austcold Industries is specially designed for general or supermarket. The display fridge from Austcold Industries is suitable for storing dairy products or meat with an open display.