Austaron  is one of the providers of solid surface benchtops across Australia. The solid surface benchtops offered by Austaron improves the appearance of the kitchen as well as in terms of bathrooms. Austaron markets Samsung Staron throughout Australia and South Pacific Islands. Samsung covers five areas of business such as chemicals, finance electronics, machinery and trading and services. The benchtops offered by Austaron are available in seventy different colours. The Austaron provides unlimited edge details in terms of benchtop.

The solid surface beenchtops offered by Austaron are nonporous with impenetrable seams, smooth that does not allow germs as well as dirt to get accumulated. Austaron offer product variety in terms of kitchen, backsplashes, design options, commercial, bath, edge treatments, sinks and bowls. Austaron also creates tub decks, shower walls and skirts as well as window sills. The sink and bowl variety offered by Austaron are available in colours such as bright white, pearl and ivory.