Finally a competitively priced solid surface product! Samsung® Staron® Solid Surface is a 100% continuous cast Acrylic Solid Surface. First developed in 1993, Staron® is now available in Australia through Austaron ® Pty Ltd, a wholly owned Australian company. Samsung® Staron® Solid Surfacing has rapidly proven its performance capability in the global decorative surfacing market and now Australia can experience the benefits of Staron® Solid Surface, which offers features and benefits unlike other decorative surfaces, like granite, marble, laminate or stainless steel.

Staron® Solid Surface features and benefits include:

· Homogenous Material. 100% solid – moisture cannot penetrate nor will it delaminate.

· Stain-resistant and easy to clean. A simple wipe with everyday cleaners will remove most marks and with a mild abrasive cleaner and a white Scotch-Brite® pad, any stubborn mark can be removed.

· Durability: Impact, Heat & Fade Resistant.

· Inconspicuous impenetrable seams. No unsightly joins to harbor bacteria or allow water damage.

· Repairable, in the unlikely event the surface is maliciously damaged, inconspicuous repairs can be made. Minor cuts and scratches can be removed with sandpaper. Completely renewable for life.

· Design flexibility. Any design or shape can be fabricated with seamless appearance.

· Elegant look and feel. 27 standard designs, 70 colours available internationally for projects.

· 100% Hygienic. Hospitals use solid surface for its’ excellent bacteria and chemical resistant qualities.

Designed for modern living, Staron® is manufactured to ISO9002 Quality Assurance Standards, ISO 14001 Environment Management Standards and has NSF51 Food Zone contact approval. Further peace of mind comes with a 10 year limited warranty. Staron® is the ideal surfacing product, affordable, stain-resistant, renewable, repairable, unlimited design opportunities, inconspicuous joins and a complete hygienic surface only achievable with solid surface. Can you see the possibilities?

- Infolink Architectural online