Austaron  offers one of the solid surface benchtops that enhances the appearance of kitchen as well as bathroom. The benchtops provided by Austaron are available in 70 different colours and with limitless range of edge details. The product is nonporous with impenetrable seams, smooth that do not allow germs as well as dirt to get accumulated.

The product of Austaron is a versatile surface material that has nearly endless application. The characteristics of the product also enable a wide range of commercial application. The products offered by Austaron consist of kitchen, commercial, backsplashes, design options, bath, edge treatments, sinks and bowls. Austaron products in kitchen provide an elegant, hygiene and easy way to maintain surface in a kitchen. The bath products from Austaron are impenetrable to water that creates endless possibilities in a bathroom.

Austaron also create shower walls, tub decks and skirts as well as window sills. The durability of the product is very outstanding that are used frequently in reception desks, commercial benchtops, elevator interiors, partition walls and so on. The sinks and bowls from Austaron are available in bright white, pearl and ivory colour. The sinks and bowls are nonporous that resists stains as well as are easy to clean.