Aust Imports  has introduced a number of quality imported machinery in the Australian market. Aust Imports has unveiled high capacity loaders in the Australian market. The engines of these high capacity loaders are manufactured by Cummins, and the loader has a rated capacity of six thousand kilograms. The loaders have semi-automatic transmission. High pressure washers are also imported by Aust Imports; these high pressure washers have a rated flow of 12.1 litres per minute and operating rotation of 2800 rotations per minute.

Aust imports provides a wide range of go karts, these go karts have single cylinder, four stroke engine that provides a maximum power of eleven kilowatt and maximum rotation of 7000 rotations per minute. The go karts can be controlled through remote control, remote starting is also possible.

The SX110ST-S1 is an all terrain vehicle (ATV) imported by Aust Imports, the vehicle supports electric starting mode, and has a single cylinder, four stroke air-cooled engine. The maximum power that the ATV can produce is 5.5 kilowatt at 8000 rotations per minute.

Fuel efficient scooters are also imported by Aust Imports. These scooters have a ground clearance of 170 millimeters. The fuel consumption of these scooters is 2.2 litres per hundred kilometres, making these extremely fuel efficient.