AusSonics introduce the Ardrox 1618 alkaline carbon, rust and pain removers, particularly effective in cleaning the ferrous parts of internal combustion engines that have become heavily contaminated in services.

The concentrated mixture of surfactants, sequestrants and caustic alkali of these paint removers is also effective in decarbonising other components such as rubber moulds.

When Ardrox 1618 carbon, rust and pain removers are used in the prescribed manner no significant corrosion is likely to occur on ferrous metals. However, they will attack aluminium, zinc and tin rapidly and are therefore not suitable for use on these metals. Polythene, PVC and PTFE are substantially unaffected but Ardrox 1618 will degrade many plastics and paints. Glass and ceramic will be etched.

The following are some of the technical specifications of the Ardrox 1618 alkaline carbon, rust and pain removers:

  • Appearance: slightly viscous, straw coloured liquid
  • Density: 1.38 g/ml at 20 degrees C
  • Flash point: non-flammable.