An integral part of a rainwater harvesting system is the presence of a variety of pumps to pump the water to the required areas. Aussie Watertanks has a wide variety of pumps to cater to all the requirements of the customers. The pumps that Aussie Watertanks recommends to users are amongst the reputed brands available in the market and are covered by manufacturers warrantee.

Aussie Watertanks supplies pumping systems from a number of leading manufacturers of pumping systems. Customers can choose from quality brands like Orange, Bianca, Clay Tech and Davey. Each of these brands has many pumps under them for varied uses. Users can choose from pumps that supply water to two to six taps.

A range of submersible pumps is also available; some of the great features of the submersible pumps from Aussie Watertanks are extremely quiet operation, built in check valve and built in pressure switch control. These submersible pumps are meant for a variety of uses like operating garden tanks, providing water to houses with multiple bathrooms and multiple floors.

Aussie Watertanks also has a complete range of accessories that are required to create a rainwater harvest system, accessories like first flush diverters, pump covers, tank stands, wall mount tank stands, strainers and brass fittings.