Aussie Watertanks  has been successfully installing rainwater harvesting systems in the Australian market. Aussie Watertanks have huge expertise in all types of water tank installation, all their work is done by qualified tradesmen. Aussie Watertanks also implements customised rain water harvesting solutions for customers.

Customers have varied options to choose from when going in for a system from Aussie Watertanks. The Ecobasic is a rainwater harvest system which is designed for budget customers. It uses gravity instead of an electric pump.

The EcoGarden system allows the home-owner to water their lawns and wash their cars. This system utilizes a small pump which to deliver water for normal garden hose use. The EcoHome system is designed to save the valuable drinking water by using rain water to wash the clothes and dishes the EcoHome system has an auto top up device to keep a minimum amount of water in the tank at all times.

The EcoDelux system has all the features of the EcoHome system along with the additional feature of enabling the customer to connect the system to upto two toilets. The Underground Delux system from Aussie Waterworks has all the features of the EcoDelux system as well as a provision to create an underground reservoir. Aussie Waterworks also supplies greywater diverters from Nylex. This system allows customers to recycle and reuse water from their washing machines and showers providing a simple and practical method to save water.