Aussie Watertanks  supplies and installs complete rainwater harvesting systems in the Australian market. Aussie Watertanks supplies rainwater harvesting systems at competitive rates. Customers can choose from any of the major brands of water tanks when choosing a tank from Aussie Watertanks as they stock all the major brands like Nylex, Poly Watertanks Orange Bianca and Tankmaster.

Customers can choose from many tank types under each brand of tanks supplied by Aussie Watertanks, the choices range from round tanks where they have a choice of various brands like Bushmans, Nylex, Tall Round Tankmaster and Poly Water Tanks.

The Bushmans tanks range from 768 litres to 4125 litres, Nylex tanks start from 100 litres and go upto 9000 litres, Tankmaster starts from 1300 litres and ends at 9000 litres whereas Polly water tanks start from 700 litres and end at 5000 litres.

The Slimline series of tanks come in two basic varieties one is constructed as a single unit whereas the other is created by joining a few slim tubular tanks. All the abovementioned brands are also available in the Slimline series. A new addition to this series is tanks from RainHaven. Aussie Watertanks also supplies and installs the Nylex bladder tank; this tank can be placed in inaccessible areas such as under the house.