Aussie Strip and Grind  uses a diesel/ electric kanga loader to grind concrete, remove trip hazards and remove tiles.

The concrete grinding machinery used is ideal for production and accuracy in flooring restoration, removal and finishing.

Aussie Strip and Grind can remove up to 1inch of concrete in a single pass and are specially equipped for bulk removal of concrete, ceramic tiles and epoxy mortar toppings.

Aussie Strip and Grind removes tiles including underlayments in one pass using this equipment, thus saving down time for customers. It is also less labour intensive and cost efficient, while levelling the concrete at the same time.

Aussie Strip and Grind uses concrete grinding equipment made in Australia, so it keeps Australians employed and provide its customers with good quality machinery to accomplish the job in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

Aussie Strip and Grind concrete grinding equipment is diesel or electrically powered, allowing it to work, where mains power is not available, or on an environmentally sensitive worksite.