Pest inspections are essential, as a house, building or surrounding landscaping can be affected by any one of several wood destroying pests. Of particular concern are termites (commonly called ‘white ants’) which can render a house structurally unsound, sometimes in as little as two years. Repairs can be expensive, as they are not covered by household insurance.

A pest report locates current activity, as well as old damage.

Each report comes with an easy-to-read information sheet about the damage particular pests cause and the treatments, if required.

Aussie Spect also strongly recommends that you have bi-annual inspections to reduce the risk of future damage to your investment.

A termite inspection is an inspection of the building and property, including roof void, sub floor, internal and external timbers, trees, and fences within the property boundaries. It deals with the detection or non-detection of live termite activity and evidence of termite damage, and includes details of area of risk.

Aussie Spect inspectors use the latest thermal imaging technologies as well as other methods to determine whether or nor there is any current termite activity.